Blog writing services: Ongoing blog content for Beyond Talent Recruitment.

Supporting Beyond Talent Recruitment with a blog strategy and ongoing blog content.

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Fashion recruitment agency, Beyond Talent, wanted ongoing blog content to engage candidates and clients, while supporting its SEO.


Copy Write carried out keyword research for fashion recruitment agency, Beyond Talent Recruitment, to develop the businesses’ SEO blog strategy.

Recruitment for the fashion industry is a competitive market, however Copy Write used its skills to analyse competitors to make sure top keywords matched, as well as discovered new keyword opportunities to gain extra clicks.

Since launching, Beyond Talent Recruitment, has gone from not ranking on search engines, to being recognised for many crucial keywords in just a few months.

About Beyond Talent Recruitment

A new recruiter to enter the fashion industry, Beyond Talent Recruitment, launched its website in the summer of 2020, right when the clothing industry was taking a huge hit from the coronavirus pandemic.

Determined not to let the rocky-state of the fashion industry affect its business plans, Beyond Talent raised its profile online with a new look and feel and fresh blogging content.

Beyond Talent Recruitment stands out from the rest because of its knowledge and experience from working in-house with top luxury fashion brands. The founder, Federica Pantanella, knows the industry inside out, which in turn makes the job hunting process easier for candidates and clients.

Beyond Talent understands the importance of SEO in the fashion recruitment industry and hired Copy Write to support with its keyword research, blog strategy and blog content.

How we developed Beyond Talent Recruitment’s blog strategy

Copy Write begins every blog strategy with keyword research. We analyse competitors, trends, and most importantly what key customers and clients are searching for.

The keyword research enabled Copy Write to foresee what topics would attract job-hunters and in-house teams, and from here developed a blog planner to gain online views.

Blog writing for Beyond Talent Recruitment

Once the blog planner was signed off, Copy Write’s freelance blog writers got to work crafting the articles making sure they were SEO-proof for search engines.

Every time a blog post is published, Copy Write continuously analyses the results, keeps on top of SERP opportunities, and always looks for new ways to boost posts to ensure they rank as high as organically possible.

The results

At the time of writing, the first blog posts have only been live for a few months, therefore results are difficult to share.

However, Beyond Talent Recruitment, has now gone from not ranking at all, to seeing its website ranked for numerous keywords that are vital to its business.

Copy Write will update the results section as more accurate data comes in. Watch this space!

You can view Beyond Talent Recruitment‘s blog posts here.

If you’re looking for SEO blog writing services for your business, get in touch here.

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