Freelance Copywriter Services

Freelance Copywriter Services

Freelance copywriters for hire

Marketing departments have stretched ten-fold since Google’s digital-first announcement. Keeping up with copy for websites, blogs, emails, social media, digital assets and more, is proving tough on internal marketing teams.

Creating content isn’t a quick task, but sending copy projects to freelancers is often a good solution to help your business produce more.

We have a pool of talented freelance copywriters working with businesses’ to provide content support every month. These business’ value being able to outsource copy briefs, which allow their marketers to get on with other pressing tasks.

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Interested in a freelance copywriter working with you on a monthly retainer package? All our freelancers work on a £500 day rate and are experienced in writing content for websites, blogs, emails and many more marketing assets. 

You simply choose how many days you’d like to buy each month, and our freelancers work with your team to complete your copy briefs. No salaries, expenses or overheads to worry about. Simple.

How we can help

Our freelance copywriter retainer services begin by finding out about your business and understanding the level of support you need. Once the detail has been agreed, you send your copy briefs to us on a weekly or monthly basis and your appointed freelancer will complete the work for you. For bigger projects we buddy-up our freelancers to ensure work is shared with you on time.

Case Studies

Founder of Copy Write, Abbie Dando, was hired to develop engaging and shareable content that would appeal to its readers.

One of the most successful blog posts was about rainbow babies following a miscarriage. 

The blog received thousands of shares and was picked up by the Miscarriage Association who used the article on its website and social media pages.

You can read the Metro Blogs here.


Dyslexia Decoded launched to give support, guidance and advice to parents with dyslexic children.

Copy Write worked with Dyslexia Decoded to develop its blog strategy, planner and ongoing content to provide parents with invaluable resources.

Many of the company’s clients found Dyslexia Decoded through its blog posts and praise the company for the content it shares.

Read Dyslexia Decoded’s blogs here.

Does your business need copywriting support?

Copy for websites, blogs and emails, we can do it all.

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