Freelance SEO Writers

Freelance SEO Writers

SEO Content for your business

Digital-first is what Google recommends for brands today. Therefore, SEO techniques are becoming more and more sought after. 

There are three strands to a good SEO strategy: technical SEO, on-page SEO and off-page SEO. All three are equally as important, however your business will never be found in search results if you haven’t given any attention to your on-page SEO.

“What is on-page SEO?” you might ask. That’s all to do with the copy on your website and blog.

SEO writers are highly-skilled and trained in identifying fruitful keywords and incorporating them into your website’s content to make sure your customers – and Google – finds you.

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Freelance SEO writers for hire

Our freelance SEO writers are experts at identifying top keywords and producing SEO savvy copy that gets ranked on search engines. We offer keyword research, keyword strategy placement, SEO website copy, SEO blog post packages and a backlink service.

How we can help

We begin every SEO project with in-depth keyword research (if you haven’t already got this information). Our research develops your keyword strategy, which we then recommend content to fit within this. This can either include updating existing web pages, building new web pages or writing blog posts to generate website traffic and customer engagement.

Case Studies

Founder of Copy Write, Abbie Dando, was hired to develop engaging and shareable content that would appeal to its readers.

One of the most successful blog posts was about rainbow babies following a miscarriage. 

The blog received thousands of shares and was picked up by the Miscarriage Association who used the article on its website and social media pages.

You can read the Metro Blogs here.


Dyslexia Decoded launched to give support, guidance and advice to parents with dyslexic children.

Copy Write worked with Dyslexia Decoded to develop its blog strategy, planner and ongoing content to provide parents with invaluable resources.

Many of the company’s clients found Dyslexia Decoded through its blog posts and praise the company for the content it shares.

Read Dyslexia Decoded’s blogs here.

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