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Blogging for businesses has become more and more popular. Why? Because, search engines recognise fresh content as a good thing. Blogs also allow you to insert more links into your website and give you content to share with your audience, industry influencers and online publications.

Blogs don’t have to just be used as an SEO tool – even though they’re a pretty good one. Blogs allow businesses to be more personal and human too. They allow your voice to shine through and give you a platform to share your opinions, ideas and aspirations with your audience.

Blog writers for hire

There’s a perception that writing a blog post doesn’t take very long. However, if you’ve taken the plunge to write one you’ll have realised how time consuming the job can be. Coming up with interesting ideas to write week after week can become a mind-boggling task. Perhaps that’s why you’re here? Well, the good news is, we have blog writers for hire!

How we can help

We start by developing your blog strategy to make sure your online content fits in line with your business priorities. We then create a strategic blog planner filled with topics your customers want to not only read about – but share with their followers too.

Our freelance bloggers’ carry on working with you to provide a continuous flow of blog posts to make sure each one gives your SEO a boost. 

If however you already have a blog and only require content writing support, we have ghost blog writers who can work with you on an ad-hoc basis too.

Case Studies

Founder of Copy Write, Abbie Dando, was hired to develop engaging and shareable content that would appeal to its readers.

One of the most successful blog posts was about rainbow babies following a miscarriage. 

The blog received thousands of shares and was picked up by the Miscarriage Association who used the article on its website and social media pages.

You can read the Metro Blogs here.


Dyslexia Decoded launched to give support, guidance and advice to parents with dyslexic children.

Copy Write worked with Dyslexia Decoded to develop its blog strategy, planner and ongoing content to provide parents with invaluable resources.

Many of the company’s clients found Dyslexia Decoded through its blog posts and praise the company for the content it shares.

Read Dyslexia Decoded’s blogs here.

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